The Olympia Marathon adapts to the new reality and therefore this year the race will be a virtual one, in order to ensure the safety of the participants.

The first priority of the organizers is the protection of public health and the supporting the implementation of state measures to limit the spread of Covid – 19.

The whole running community has two wishes. The end of this horrid period for hundreds of thousands of people suffering from corona virus as well as the return to everyday life and our races.

Each of us is giving this fight individually, by following all the rules of protection and hygiene, but at the same time altogether as one.

Our goal is to strengthen the morale of all runners and at the same time to emphasize the need for a responsible attitude towards ourselves and society as a whole.

The virtual race will take place from Wednesday 24 March until Sunday 25 April for the distances of Marathon, Halfmarathon,10 km, 5 Km and 2 Km.

Registration for the race starts on Wednesday 24 March and ends on Wednesday 21 April.

You can upload your time from Saturday 3 April until Sunday 25 April.

How do I take part in the race?

1) Registration

Download Sporthive Live ( application either through Android or Ios and select our race Olympia Virtual Marathon.

Register by clicking the Sign Up button and select one of the following participation packages.

  1. A) The simple package includes:
  • Participation in the virtual race and the results
  • Electronic diploma of participation

Cost: Free

  1. B) The enhanced package includes:
  • Participation in the virtual race and the results
  • Electronic diploma of participation
  • Sending a souvenir participation package (race medal and personal participation number. Participation packages will be sent after the end of the race).


7 € for sending the package within Greece

12 € for sending the package outside Greece

2) BIB Email

After completing your registration -and payment if you have selected the enhanced package-, you will receive an email with your registration number!

The first email will be sent on Friday, April 2 (for those who have completed their registration by then and then daily until the end of the registration period).

3) Race

You have the opportunity to run or walk the distance you have choose, anywhere at any time from Saturday, April 3 to Sunday, April 25, anywhere in the world.

After completing your effort, take a photo that proves your performance (photo from the smart watch, mobile application, etc.) and upload it along with your entry number that you have received and your performance by clicking the Submit Results button.

You have the opportunity, with a single registration, to run as many times as you want the distance and improve your performance during the duration of the race.

4) Results

The results of the race will be updated daily.

The race will end on Sunday, April 25 and the final results will be finalized in the evening.

In the Olympia Virtual Marathon there is no electronic timing, nor judges. The whole project depends on the responsibility of each runner.

After all, the goal is the participation and not the victory!

5) Take a Selfie and Nominate

And of course all this is arranged in order to have a good time!

Share the moments of your effort by taking a selfie from the application.

Announce on your social media accounts that you took part.

Use #OlympiaMarathon and invite all your friends to take part in the race!